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Our focus is on partnering with organisations to deliver growth, agility, efficiency and best-in class customer experience through the latest technologies

VCG was founded on the strength and success of Axonex, a managed IT and solutions provider, and Vodat International, a market leading provider of managed connectivity.

As one brand, VCG provides everything you could possibly need for the design, implementation and management of data centres, cyber-secure enterprise networks, cloud and connectivity services.

Trusted by our customers, our relationships grow stronger so that we can help you get the most value from your IT investment and ultimately help you to achieve your goals.

Rest assured we won’t try and sell you a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or something that won’t scale with your ambitions – return for your investment drives decision-making.


Our difference

VCG invests in the best people who help you invest in the best technology.

Businesses are united in their ambition for technology to deliver a competitive advantage, but we know that your challenges are often very unique, and we appreciate how fast things can change.

Our core values are rooted in everything we have and that we strive to accomplish:

  • Working together: Industry experts combined as one to deliver the best for our customers
  • Customer first: Delivering excellence via our people, services and products
  • Focus on Solutions: Experts in our industry offering the right solution at the right time

Vendors and partnerships

VCG companies operate in partnerships with industry leading vendors. This enables us access to the newest technology and the highest levels of vendor support for our customers.

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Awards and Accreditations

More about our Partners
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